02 November 2013

Picture a day

Here are a handful of new pictures from my "picture a day" project.  Just over a month down.  It's been a bit of a struggle, but we're getting the hang of it I guess.
I didn't want every picture to look the same so if I catch something gross or funny I throw it in the mix. I have a few crying ones already.  We don't always have good days...

18 October 2013

How did we get to 3 months already?!

Just over 3 months in and we're doing ok.  Quinn has been gone for a little while now, but we're getting the hang of being here without him.  A lot has gone on for us recently.  My sister just gave birth to her little boy, Stephen.  We were visiting them for a couple of weeks which was fun.  I started a deployment wall...kind of.  I decided that it might be fun to do a picture a day while Quinn is gone.  I've come close to forgetting a couple of days so I just grabbed my phone and got any shot I could to make sure we didn't miss it.  Overall it's been going well so far.  I can't wait to see strands of pictures all over once we start winding down.  It will be fun to look at I'm sure.  Here are some pictures of the past few weeks...

22 August 2013

17 August 2013

1 month

Our little guy turned a month old on August 10th.  It's crazy how fast the time has gone already.  He still isn't really "into" anything at this point, but he seems to always calm down when I turn on the sink. He also loves laying over daddy's shoulder and LOVES sleeping in our bed.  I can't seem to get him comfortable in his own just yet.  He's been lifting his head since he was in the hospital so that's not really new, but he's gotten a lot better with not letting his head bob all over the place.  He always needs to be looking around.  I think that's why he fights sleeping so much.  He's interested in what's going on.  He liked his first real bath but I haven't been able to get him to enjoy it since.  Oh...he pulled his umbilical cord thing off after 7 days.  It hasn't seemed to affect anything though so that's good :)
(pictures to be added soon)

31 July 2013

He's Here

It's been a little while since I've posted.  We've had quite a bit going on.  We moved into our house, Quinn got back from training, we went to NJ for my dad's surprise 63rd birthday, had our first barbecue over 4th of July weekend, and our little boy showed up just over 4 weeks early!
Liam Quinn Overton was born at just under 36 weeks on July 10 at 5:02pm weighing 6lbs 14oz and measuring 20 inches.  On July 9th at about 7pm I got in touch with the on call doctor because I thought I was leaking fluid.  I thought for sure they'd tell me to see how it was the following day or worst case have me go in and get checked out.  I know sometimes you can have some fluid without it being a big deal.  I wasn't having any contractions (that I was aware of) so I had no reason to think it was anything to worry about.
I had JUST installed the car seat that morning because we were planning on going to NJ that weekend for my sister's baby shower.  I wanted to be prepared with the basics just in case I went into labor in NJ.  Again, I had no reason to believe that would happen, but I like to be safe.  My hospital bag was partially complete.  I figured I'd throw the last handful of things in before we left on Friday.
Anyway, the doctor suggested I come in to get checked just to make sure my water didn't break.  I grabbed the hospital bag just to have it and we headed out the door (without me showering or anything).  We stopped so Quinn could get a drink and snack in case it was going to be a long night of monitoring.  Once we got there we had to wait for a room because the delivery area was filled.  I ended up in a double room to start while I waited for the midwife to see me.  At around 10pm she came in and checked me out.  My water did break, and she pretty much told me that I wouldn't be leaving the hospital until the baby was born.  That information took me a little while to process.  I had to ask her a couple hours later if I was being admitted because I still thought there was a chance that they were just going to have me go home and keep an eye on things.  I had Quinn go home to Bubba and get some sleep because I was barely 1cm dilated and we figured it would be a while before anything major happened.  I told him I'd call if I needed him to come back.
At around 3am they started pitocin to try and get things going.  I had decided a while ago that I was going to try to go natural since I really didn't want a catheter put in or a needle that close to my spine.  Nobody informed me that delivering naturally was a bit more uncomfortable if you have to be induced. I might have reconsidered my choices if I had known that.  I told Quinn to come back by 6am because I was ignorantly optimistic that after the pitocin started it wouldn't take long to deliver.  He finally made it by around 8am.  My mom and dad left NJ early that morning to try to make it in time for the birth.  I didn't think they'd make it in time, but I knew they'd be able to see him at some point that day so it was ok.  By noon I was about 7cm.  My parents arrived (with more than enough time to spare).  My sisters and brother in law left NJ around 9am to come up.  I thought for sure they'd miss the actual delivery because they wouldn't get in until at least 3 or 4.  Apparently Liam wanted to wait for everyone to be at the hospital and settled before he made his grand entrance.  The contractions were the worst and getting my cervix checked was terrible.  I was stuck at 8cm for a while and even when I was arguing that I needed to push I was just barely 9cm.  I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes for HOURS.  It was rough.  At one point I bit Quinn's hand.  He loves telling people that story.  Finally at 5:02pm Liam showed up.  I was so tired and hungry by then that I don't remember how much time passed before I got moved and was able to go to the NICU to see him.
It's still weird to think about because even though we've been home for a week and a half I still don't feel like he's mine.  We're all doing well...just a little tired :)

05 June 2013

What's Been Going On

So Quinn did leave for training 2 days before we were offered a house.  My mom and aunt were nice enough to come up during the week to help me move out of the cabin and into the house with the stuff we brought and the two cars.  We then drove two cars back down to NJ for the weekend since my shower was on Sunday.
My shower was nice.  My family rented a tent and tables and set it up in the backyard.  It was nice to have a less formal shower since I'm huge and probably wouldn't have been as comfortable in a restaurant for 3-4 hours.  My mom and sisters made a lot of the food, but they did order KFC chicken as one of the dishes since I love it (gross to some I suppose).  We had a small group come, but it was nice and everyone was super generous.  We got a lot of the big items so there are only a handful of things left to pick up now.  Too bad the closest Babies R Us is an hour away.  That will be a trip for another day.
My parents drove the 6 hours back with me to help unload most of the shower gifts.  It didn't all fit between the two cars since I still had a few things at my sister's house so I'll have to head back down at some point to pick up the rest.
Household good arrived 2 days after my parents left (figures...) so I have been busy with that.  It's a lot harder to unpack boxes and set up a house when you're 30 weeks pregnant.  I've been taking my time.  It's been almost a week and I only have about 10 boxes left to unpack although I haven't put everything from the other boxes away yet.  The downstairs is pretty much done besides finding spots for little things to go.  My goal is to have the whole house done and put away by next weekend.  Quinn will be back the following week so I'm sure it will be nice for him to have a somewhat put together house.
Other than that there isn't much going on.  I'm starting to feel really uncomfortable, but I only have about 9 weeks left so I guess it could be worse.
Here are a few pictures from the shower:

07 May 2013

Rough Day

Today has been a little tough. Quinn just found out he'll be leaving for training most likely before we get offered a house and before my shower in NJ. My family is more than willing to help, but it's so frustrating. I can't really move much on my own at this point so I'm at the mercy of anyone willing to stop what they're doing just to move my stuff and pick me up. I hate feeling helpless. If his training was pushed back a week we wouldn't have any issues.
The fact that he is required to go out for training also means he'll deploy later on this year. 9 months gone is better than 12, but it still stinks. He'll miss most of our first child's first year. I hate to complain about it because I knew what I was getting myself into, and I hate seeing women throwing a fit that their husbands are deploying. I know there is always a chance for this to happen, but I was hoping we might bypass this one since they aren't sending everyone.
I've been relatively calm throughout this pregnancy (which is not my personality at all), but this has all thrown me for a loop. I'm sad for Quinn, I'm sad for me, and I'm sad for the baby. I know things could be way worse so I'm trying to be grateful for the fact that this isn't a big deal in the long run and we'll get past it. I'm giving myself today to try and put myself back together.